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Tackle and andróminas

Antiques and collections

Antiques and collections


Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of times past with our authentic antique. These pieces unique and valuable insights that will transport you back to ancient times, adding a distinctive touch and full of history to your home or office. Each object has a charming narrative of the past that will evoke emotions and memories lost in time.

Religious Art

Discover our collection of religious art, with pieces that express the spirituality and devotion. From paintings to sculptures, each work presents a powerful narrative of moral and spiritual that connects you with the divine. It adorns your space with these artistic creations that transcend time and transmit messages to the spiritual deep.


Delight your senses with our selection of vintage pieces that embody the elegance and charm of a bygone era. With at least 20 years of existence, each object is an authentic expression of the design and style of your time. Rediscover the timeless beauty of these unique pieces that reflect the fashion and culture of decades past.


Are you looking for something really special and out of the ordinary? Our collection of trivia will surprise you pleasantly. Since objects eccentric until rarities unusual, each piece is a unique gem that will not leave anyone indifferent. Add a touch of mystery and originality to your room with these fascinating pieces that's sure to be a topic of conversation.


For passionate collectors, a selection of our objects of historical value and cultural significance is a treasure waiting to be discovered. These authentic jewelry are difficult to find due to its rarity and value, but their acquisition can become a valuable investment over time. Explore our unique pieces and enrich your collection with real historical treasures.

Advantages of buying on Tackle and Andromines


Treasures with a History: Discover unique pieces and unique value-added and charm to your decor.


Wide Variety of Online: Find antiques, religious art, vintage and curiosities, all at a click away.


Collecting Valuable: Acquire objects of historical and cultural significant, an investment for the future.


Unique Shopping experience: Immerse yourself in an exciting quest of treasures which will leave you amazed.