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Tackle and andróminas

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About us

Tackle i andromines is a family business passionate about the pieces with history, a sector in which we have extensive experience and professionalism, offering all kinds of antiques, unique pieces of collectables, vintage, and even curious pieces.

Welcome to Tackle and Andróminas, the perfect destination for lovers of history and exclusivity in the decoration of spaces.

Our company is proud to offer an exquisite selection of antique and unique items that will shine in any environment. On Tackle i Andróminas we understand the importance of owning pieces with an incalculable value and a history of its own, both for personal collections as well as professionals. That is why we provide you with the opportunity to purchase online a wide range of treasures to suit your tastes and preferences.

From authentic antiques that will take you back to ancient times until religious art with emotional narratives, spiritual, each object that you will find in our catalog is carefully selected to captivate your senses.

Our offer also includes vintage pieces, with its charming aesthetic and representative of the past, as well as curiosities unique that will surprise you pleasantly. In addition, for enthusiasts, collectors, Tackle and Andróminas is the perfect place to find objects of historical and cultural value, meaningful, authentic jewelry that can become a valuable investment.

Discover the pleasure of acquiring and enjoy unique pieces with a fascinating past in the Tackle and Andróminas. Embark on a journey through the history and art through our exclusive collection.


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